In the simpler times of BBM (remember, Blackberry?), WhatsApp was launched as an ‘iPhone-to-iPhone chat application’. It brought a revolution at that time, with really ‘cool’ features — broadcast, saving messages (until you are back online), automatically identifying your phone contacts which are on the app and more 😱😜

WhatsApp was introduced in 2009 when the world we lived in, was vastly different. Today, 14 years later, the app has all kinds of functionalities, from payments to making 1500 groups to disappearing pictures!

You’d wonder what this ultra-cool, multipurpose app could be missing?! 😮

Well, apart from the obvious, where you can’t send an initial text to someone unless you save their number (we’ve written about that too!) — there’s one thing that haunts us, and every introvert out there.

500 WhatsApp groups, and 500 more that I’m about to create! 👻

The most annoying habit I have, and I’m sure you do too, is this compulsive need to create WhatsApp groups for everything. LITERALLY everything.

It’s your best friend’s birthday? — Make a group.
You want to surprise someone? — Make a group ya!
You want to talk about this cute guy you saw on the flight? — Make a group!

More often than not, when the birthday is over, or the surprise turned into a shock, because that cute guy is dating your best friend, you forget of this group’s actual existence.

How many of such defunct, unnecessary, and ancient groups are sitting in your Whatsapp right now? 🙄

Evanesco, WhatsApp Groups—Harry Potter style! 🧹😉

Do you know that you can send disappearing pictures on WhatsApp now?

After seeing that, the only question we had was…

…if disappearing pictures are a possibility on WhatsApp, why don’t disappearing groups exist?!

We’re suggesting a simple option to create a group that gets deleted the moment the group’s purpose is served.

Okay, this is how the WhatsApp vanishing group system will work!

While creating the group, you’ll get an option to choose if you want this to be a temporary group or a permanent group.

If you choose to create a temporary group, you’ll simply select the date by when the group’s purpose, or the core event for which the group is getting created, will be concluded.

And voila — it’s done! 😃

Once the date is here, WhatsApp can send a reminder to ONLY the group’s admin that the group will be vanishing on its own. Once the deed is done, the conversation will be archived to the admin’s account.

It’ll save up on time, brainpower, and most of all — defunct garbage in the phone. How cool would that be?! 😎

Happy Vanishing! 👻