After a month of mind-boggling conversations, product demos, brutal feedback and re-learning UX from the ground up, I just want to say “Look, Mom, I made it!”

I joined Sparklin as a UX Design Intern in the first week of September 2023. It has been an incredible learning experience so far, and I’d love to share my journey with you. A little about me—I have a multidisciplinary background in graphic design, content, public relations and project management.

Academically, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Application and Economics. So, how did I get into UX design? Exploring different fields previously helped me understand different aspects of a business. Gradually, the more I learned about the world of UX, the deeper I fell in love with it.

I applied to Sparklin with nothing more than a portfolio and sound knowledge about web and mobile applications. Their selection procedure is different from most companies and Sparklers want to know who you are beyond your resume. After submitting a form, my interview was scheduled and I was on-boarded — all within two weeks. Here’s what was waiting for me on the other side:

Re-learning UX foundations

“In order to determine whether we can know anything with certainty, we first have to doubt everything we know.” – René Descartes

The first week was spent observing design tips & OTAT, followed by product-thinking and design writing challenges. Collecting my thoughts on Notion before jumping into Figma allowed me to gain clarity about what I’m going to design and why. Next, I got the opportunity to rip apart (doubt) my favorite mobile and web app — understand and replicate it. In doing these “level-up exercises”, I started questioning the purpose behind everything and then finding answers as to why something is made to exist.

I once completed a task way ahead of time but realized I missed the entire point of doing it. Guess what? I had to do the same exercise again 🙂 So, lesson learned – direction is just as important as speed, if not more. At Sparklin, we prefer to call it velocity. 

Shadowing other designers

If someone were to ask me, ‘What do you do as a UX Design intern?,’ my literal reply would be, ‘I shadow other designers, observe, and ask questions.’

Get this: For the first month, I wasn’t even given the edit access to the project files. I wanted to start working on projects straightaway but my seniors were like – 

NOPE. We’re going to treat this month as a “buffer period” so you don’t get overwhelmed and gradually adjust to Sparklin’s way of doing things. 

Looking back at it, I learned a lot in the process! Now, I know about the project workflows, client briefs, figma tips & tricks and the lessons my team have gained over the years. 

Getting validation, criticism and feedback

“Designers need designers. For validation, for criticism, for feedback.” 

In my first month’s review, my seniors told me about my superpowers (proactive & communication) and the things I need to work on (visibility & documentation). This kind of holistic feedback really helped in figuring out where to focus my efforts.

Apart from daily feedback and one-on-one mentorship, there’s also “Thursday Sessions!” It’s a thought-provoking, fun and interactive workshop that happens every week. We also have internal and external groups where we discuss, debate and share interesting observations about UX or anything else that sparks our curiosity. 

Perhaps, what I like most about being here is that there’s an entire team of designers, engineers and copywriters ready to support, advise and critique me. 

Practicing work-life balance harmony ✨

Sparklin is all about having a contrarian view. We have a policy of a minimum of six mandatory leaves every quarter. At the same time, we want people to treat work as play.

In his Thursday session, Mohit Vainsh, one of the Senior UX Designers at Sparklin, explained:

‘We may strive for balance but ultimately our lives will always be filled with a certain amount of imbalance and chaos.’


Work-life harmony.

1. Some days, your work will take precedence.

2. Other days, your personal life gets precedence.

Precondition: you have to like what you do.

Being crazy – curious & unconventional

In recent years, Sparklin has transformed into something more than just your regular agency. After a decade of doing the typical design agency grind, the team decided to shake things up and rebranded themselves as an Innovation Company last year. What does that mean in layman’s terms?

Well, it means we not only work with clients but also have our own in-house products in the pipeline. One of them is Openvy – the future of community conversations, and it’s available on the web and iOS  right now. We’ve got some other exciting projects in the works, all geared towards driving innovation. And what is innovation if not making people’s lives richer and better?

When I first came across the job description on LinkedIn, I was struck by how it described Sparklers as being crazy, curious, and unconventional. 

That was a surprising leap away from your typical corporate job, but it somehow resonated with me. I’ve always had a bit of a rebellious streak and a desire to think outside the box. And I’ve realized that’s exactly what Sparklin encourages their team to do, if curiosity feeds their soul.

So, here I am 🙂 

Ever since I’ve joined the team, I’ve had conversations which led me to question my own biases in work and in life. There have been moments when I’m applauded and moments when I’m steered in the right direction. I have realized it’s okay to figure out things as you go, especially when your work revolves around crafting better experiences.